• Marine Protection Barriers

    Marine Protection Barriers

    The largest range of marine protection barriers in the world. Ecocoast has been designing, manufacturing and distributing marine protection barriers, such as Silt Curtains, Containment Booms, Oil Booms and other custom protection solutions since 2009.


  • Bolina Safety Booms

    Safety Booms

    Safety afloat is more important today than ever. Bolina can help you meet your legal and moral obligations; providing safer waterways by reducing the risk to the public. Bolina booms are the preferred choice for both British Waterways and the Environment Agency who control the navigable waterways within the UK.


  • Bolina Environment Booms

    Environment Booms

    Our unique Environment Booms are ideal for permanent debris and pollution control at vulnerable sites where a constant risk exists - industrial sites, nature reserves, harbours or marinas, pumping stations, water treatment works, screens, grills, dam spillways etc. Our environment booms are now the toughest of their type with a standard 26 ton material break load.


  • Bolina Security Barriers

    Security Barriers

    We offer a range of security barriers for perimeter defense and port security. The most popular of our security systems was developed from one of our proven designs that have been deployed throughout the UK and elsewhere for 15 years without maintenance. They are now protecting critical locations, dock areas etc by preventing unauthorised access.


  • Marine Navigation

    Marine Navigation

    A complete range of marine navigation solutions for safer & smarter navigation worldwide: Marine Buoys, solar LED Marine Lanterns for demarcation purposes, and the next-generation of Marine Mooring Systems. The team is highly trained in identifying the right specifications and designing navigation requirements, as per IALA norms.


Bolina Booms - high quality booms you can trust

We have been manufacturing flotation products for 30 years and have installed a wide range of systems around the world.

Bolina Booms concentrates exclusively on waterway barriers and floating booms, providing a complete service including surveying, pile design, custom boom designs and support right through to deployment.

Our innovative approach to design provides our customers with effective solutions. Production of all components is based in the UK and the quality of the finished products ensures long-term cost effectiveness. With tooling for 12 of our own float designs we can provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Our team has the proven skills and field experience to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Project support

Bolina Booms offer a comprehensive engineering support service. Our team and specialist consulting engineers will work with you to create full specifications for your project.

Design and engineering service

Need to discuss your project? Not sure what you need? We will be happy to help you with advice on the most suitable booms and any other questions you have.

Call us today for a chat

  • Bolina is now an Ecocoast company

    We are happy to announce that we are now an Ecocoast company. Ecocoast is the leader in engineered products for the protection of coastlines and waterways. This move allows us to offer you an unmatched range of environmental, safety and security products globally.

    EC Preferred Logo colour

  • The Ocean Cleanup using LFB600

    The Ocean Cleanup uses our LFB600 to collect plastic pollution from rivers before it reaches the sea. [Read story]

    ™ using our LFB600
  • 20 years maintenance-free

    After 20 years maintenance-free service in the River Trent this video and the feedback prove that our booms are great value. [Read story]

    20 years maintenance-free service
  • Bolina Booms helping nature

    Bolina Booms have provided a boom in Annecy, France, to save baby swans from drowning. [Read story]

    Bolina Booms save baby swans
  • Bolina protects G20 summit

    Bolina Booms created a harbour security zone to protect G20 summit Hamburg. [Read story]

    Bolina Booms protects G20 summit
  • Full scale collision testing

    Our booms have been in service without maintenance for 15 years, this video should show you why... [Watch video]

  • Bolina zones off dock

    210m of our TCB600 boom was used to zone off Able UK’s dock for arrival of the 24,000 ton Brent Delta platform. [Read story]

    Bolina Boom closes dock
  • Protecting London Olympics

    Following a thorough selection process Bolina Booms were chosen to protect the Olympic Park throughout the construction phase. [Read story]

    Bolina Booms protect London 2012 Olympic Games
  • Bolina protects NATO summit

    Bolina Booms closed off the river Rhine, protecting the bridge where President Obama met other Heads of State and Government. [Read story]

    Bolina Booms protect NATO summit

Bolina Booms has a wide range of project experience

London 2012 Olympic Games – all eight booms protecting the Olympic sites
U.S. Military
– Counter Terrorist Booms used to provide waterside security overseas
Dutch Waterways – Safety Booms protecting all the weirs along the River Maas
French Waterways – Safety Booms to stop 5000 ton barges
Environment Agency - 3 year program of Safety Booms for the River Thames (current contract)
Cardiff Harbour Authority - 500m Litter Fence Boom to protect a nature reserve
London City Airport - 250m Airport Security Boom
British Waterways - Safety Booms for guarding weirs throughout England
BAE Systems - 100m latching boom to close dock entrance

See the range of Bolina Booms clients

  • Halcrow
  • London 2012 Olympics
  • Cardiff Harbour Authority
  • UVDB Registered
  • VNF
  • BAE Systems
  • British Waterways
  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • Royal Household
  • Environment Agency