Bolina leads the way in reservoir safety

Two anglers in small boats have been filmed dangerously close to a giant plug hole at a reservoir. Bolina Booms has been providing protection at similar sites. 

They were spotted on Saturday a few metres from a 20m deep overflow hole at Derbyshire's Ladybower Reservoir. Severn Trent Water, which owns the reservoir, warned people boating and fishing there to keep well away from the plug hole and to stay safe. They said the plugholes led to a 66ft (20m) drop into a tunnel carrying water to the river through a grill, and warned that anyone who fell in could get seriously injured or trapped. More about this on the BBC website.

BBC News Footage:

Bolina Booms provides protection at similar sites

Below is one of several booms for Wessex Water that has enabled canoeists, dinghies and other users of their reservoirs to continue enjoying water sports while protected from dangerous spillways.

Bolina protect reservoir

^ Bolina Booms CAB400 installation to allow the sailing club in the distance to operate safely

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