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NATO getting ready for the anniversary Summit

Final preparations are in full swing for the start of the 60th anniversary NATO summit in Strasbourg/ Kehl and Baden-Baden on 3rd April 2009.

Hosted, for the first time, by two Allies – Germany and France – the Summit will bring together leaders of all 28 member states. The historic character of this gathering was reinforced by the finalisation of the accession process by Albania and Croatia on the eve of the Summit, enabling those two countries to participate in the meeting as full members of the Alliance.

The two-day event will begin with the working dinner of the Heads of State and Government (HOSG) in the famous premises of the Baden-Baden Kurhaus. Following an official welcome by the leaders of the host nations and the Secretary General of NATO, the participants will have an exchange of views on NATO’s future roles and missions. During the evening session, Allies are also planning to discuss long-term relations with Russia.

The second day of the Summit, on the morning of 4th April, will begin with a solemn ceremony at the Rhine River, honouring the men and women in uniform who have, and continue to, put their lives at risk in NATO-led missions and operations for the security of the Euro-Atlantic community.

Following this event, Alliance leaders will convene for a working session of the North Atlantic Council in Strasbourg. It will be devoted primarily to a discussion of the ongoing operational commitments of NATO, in particular its engagement in Afghanistan.